Tinies is for pupils 7 years and under. The Tinies group is for the littlest members of our club, but don't think they don't have just as much fun as all of the other age groups! Coached by Laura, the Tinies participate and compete in four items during the year.


Free Exercises

A team of eight or more pupils perform a series of strong movements involving flexibility, control, and uniformity of rhythm.  Routines test the pupils’ stamina, flexibility and timing.  The pupils operate with ‘free arms’ – that is, holding no apparatus.


Rod Exercises

Eight or more pupils perform similar movements to Free exercises, with the added complication of an apparatus in their hands, that is, a long rod which is manipulated constantly through the routine.


Folk/Character Dance

National or character dances from all over the world are performed and interpreted theatrically.  Pupils display steps in unison, while also conveying national character, agility and vitality.


Action Song

Team members join together to present a musical item comprising singing, acting and choreographed movement.  Young participants especially enjoy this item!