Intermediates is for pupils 17 years and under.
Coached by Kahly, our juniors participate and compete in six items during the year.


Figure March

A team of eight or more pupils execute many intricate floor patterns whilst marching.  Deportment and uniformity are important factors in this item.


Club Swinging

A team of eight or more pupils are required to swing clubs in unison with emphasis on rhythm and uniformity, planing in a circular action. 


Free Exercises

A team of eight or more pupils perform a series of strong movements involving flexibility, control, and uniformity of rhythm.  Routines test the pupils’ stamina, flexibility and timing.  The pupils operate with ‘free arms’ – that is, holding no apparatus.


Rod Exercises

Eight or more pupils perform similar movements to Free exercises, with the added complication of an apparatus in their hands, that is, a long rod which is manipulated constantly through the routine.


Aesthetic Exercises

A team of eight or more pupils perform graceful movements.  Their task is to interpret music with feeling and softness, as reflected throughout their body and facial expressions.  Many balletic positions are used in order to execute the movements correctly.


Dance Arrangement

Based on modern dance styles, Dance Arrangement is a new item that allows coaches to explore music choices and dance forms. Teams must combine their calisthenic technique and musical interpretation to showcase their dance skills.